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Prehnite is a calcium aluminium silicate hydroxide that belongs to the Phyllosilicate sub-class of minerals. Its crystal system is orthorhombic. It usually occurs in massive, botryoidal, granular or stalactitic habits, but can also (rarely) form prismatic, pyramidal or tabular crystals. The colour is usually pale green and yellow-green, but it can be bottle green, yellow, white, grey or colourless. Prehnite it translucent to transparent with a vitreous, waxy or pearly lustre. Prehnite is found in Australia, China, South Africa, Scotland and in New Jersey, USA.

Prehnite is a useful stone for grids as it calms the environment and brings peace and protection. It is an excellent stone to place in the garden and it makes your home into a healing sanctuary for yourself. Prehnite teaches you how to be in harmony with nature and the elements, revitalising and renewing the surroundings.


Product Details:

+ Gemstone: Prehnite

+ Color: Green

+ Shape: Drop

+ Strand Length: 8 Inches

+ Size Height : 4.5MM

+ Width :2MM 

+ Treatment: Natural

+ Drill Orientation: Top Drilled 

+ Hole Size: 0.04 MM 

+ Approx. Beads: 30-40

+ Approx. Weight: 24 Grams

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