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“It's like being at a Gem Show!

 “With COVID around, I haven't been able to go to any Gem Shows and this solved the problem. In an hour and half, I was able to pick out all the stones and build a tray. It was at my door in three days and the stones match the video, which for me was the biggest concern. Will probably schedule another one soon!"

Lydia schwartz

Still looking for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day? We got you covered. Choose from our delicate gift set collection or customize your own.

What’s in the box?


Success is the ability to adapt, quickly. The pandemic has brought uncertainty for all of us. We don’t know when you’ll be able to come into our shop to touch and feel our exceptional products - whether it’s a virus or the distance between us - we bring the shop to you. Experience a personal virtual buying session with us. 

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  • How long can i shop for?

Our sessions are normally 45 minutes each. You can shop for the whole time or cut it short. If you need extra time, please mention that in the form.

  • how does payment work?

We create an invoice based on all the items you approve. You review the invoice and provide a payment method on the call. We charge you and send over the receipt. 

  • is there a minimum order amount?

Yes. We ask that you commit to buy at least $250 per session. Don’t worry, if it doesn’t add up to $250, we won’t penalize you. Although, almost all our sessions have been $500+

  • what if i don't like something that i ordered?

Don’t worry! Beads & gemstones is a tactile business so it happens. You can return the merchandise and we credit you the amount to buy any other items you want. 

  • what if i can't make it to my scheduled call?

Things happen, we understand. Please email us ahead of time so we can reschedule with you. We value your time and our time, so please let us know soon as possible!