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Ethiopian opal comes from the Walo district in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. It is one of the most recently discovered opal deposits, with commercial mining operations beginning in the early 2000s.

One of the most distinctive features of Ethiopian opal is its remarkable play-of-color, which can include flashes of red, green, blue, orange, and yellow, often against a translucent to opaque white, gray, or brown background. This play-of-color is caused by the diffraction of light within the opal's internal struct.

Ethiopian opal comes in various forms, including white opal, crystal opal, and black opal. White opal displays a light body color with vibrant play-of-color, while crystal opal is transparent to translucent with colorful flashes. Black opal, although rare, exhibits a dark body color with vivid play-of-color.

Ethiopian opals are typically untreated or may undergo minimal enhancement processes such as cutting and polishing. Unlike some other opals, they are usually not treated with heat or chemicals to enhance their color or stability.

Product Details:

+ Gemstone: Ethiopian Opal

+ Color: Same As Picture

+ Shape: Rondelle

+ Strand Length: 16 inches

+ Size : 5 MM

+ Thickness: 3MM

+ Treatment: Natural

+ Drill Orientation: Center

+ Hole Size: 0.4mm

+ Approx. Beads: 203-213 Beads

+ Approx. Weight: 25Grams


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