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Emerald has been synonymous with the color green since ancient times. A fine emerald is a truly breathtaking sight, and this member of the beryl family deserves its placement among the traditional “Big Four” gems, along with diamond, ruby, and sapphire.

Legend has it that wearing emeralds will imbue the wearer with heightened intelligence and allow them to think objectively. Others use the stone to promote healing. It has even been claimed that emeralds allow the wearer to predict the future.

The best emeralds express an even, deep green. Some may have blue undertones. Emeralds are known to commonly include eye-visible inclusions. Generally speaking, the fewer the inclusions, the higher the value of the stone.

+ Gemstone: Emerald Shaded

+ Color: Green

+ Shape: Round

+ Strand Length:

+ Size : 2 MM

+ Width :3 MM

+ Treatment: NATURAL

+ Approx. Beads: 140 Pieces

+ Approx. Weight :18 Grams


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