"Magic moonstone" earring tutorial

Materials needed:

2 x ear wire

10 x rondell beads

2 x featherweight headpins

round nosed pliers

flat nosed pliers

flush cutters

Step by step instructions for graduated drop earrings

Take one of the featherweight headpins

Start by threading on the largest bead

Continue adding your beads, in size order

Check your design to make sure all the beads are in size order

Using your flat nosed pliers, hold the featherweight headpin as close to the beads as possible

Using your finger, create a bend at a right angle

It should look like this

Next, using your round nosed pliers. Hold the headpin as close to the bend as possible

Create a loop by pulling the wire all the way around

Take your flat nosed pliers and hold the loop firmly with the tail coming out under the pliers as above

Next, using your fingers pull the tail around the lower wire and wrap until you are all the way down to the beads

Now using your flush cutters, cut as close as possible to wrapped head pin

It should look like the above with a small tail left over

Take your flat nosed pliers and gently squeeze the tail in, this will ensure no catching on clothes etc.

It should look like this

Next, take one of your ear wires and hold the loop with your flat nosed pliers as above

Open the loop gently using the pliers and your fingers

Add on the drop you have created by the top loop

Close your ear wire using your flat nosed pliers and fingers

Repeat steps 1-19 to create the second drop earring

Et Viola! A beautiful pair of gemstone drop earrings to tresure!

Meet designer, Ellie

Ellie makes beautiful, hand-crafted jewellery at her home in Woolpit Suffolk, U.K. She has been designing jewellery since 2014 and loves to create unique pieces that highlight the magical nature of the crystals she uses. 

Designed and handmade by Ellie means that every single piece of jewellery has been created and designed especially for you. 

In her home workshop, Ellie experiments with new ways to showcase the crystals in her different jewellery sets. She takes the time to work with specific crystals, arranging and rearranging them within each design, depending on their qualities and colours. 

 You can find out more about Ellie and her jewellery by going to www.ellieshandmadeart.com or @ellieshandmadeart on Instagram.